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AGM Presidential Address 2014

Please allow me to welcome everyone to our Annual General Meeting

I will start off this Presidential Address by quoting an old Croatian Saying...Ko radi taj grijesi....he who works also makes mistakes.

In 2014 the Mississauga Croatia executive did a lot of work and I know we made some mistakes too....so....in the name of all of the members of the Executive I start off this address by apologizing for any mistakes that we made. 

While we may have made some mistakes,I believe that we achieved many great things

In 2014 Our club grew in more ways than one, we achieved some great things and as we look to the future we can say - more great things lie ahead..

To begin my report, I begin with our house league program. Those who know our history know that the house league program is our foundation.This year we had another successful house league season in the Father Kamber park. We attracted a record number of kids to join. Kudos to Ante Tony Pavelic who was the House League director this year. Running the house league is not an easy job at all. He was the front man for dealing with all issues - parents complaints, special requests etc etc. He could not do it without the help of his house league committee that included Rick Baric ( who was our house league field manager -  untiring in his responsibilities for the fields), Anthony Toric ( who was our House League Registrar - ready to help out in scheduling and all other aspects of the house league) and Dave Tonkovic ( our House League uniforms manager - who likewise is always working in some way for the club).

For over 4 years now our house league program has started off young soccer players using the first touch concepts originated by our very own technical director Katie Bond. It was great to see parents bringing their kids to our club because they heard that we had a positive and proven program to start off young soccer players. The best advertising is word of mouth and we saw the power of that advertising in the U5 and U6 registrations

In 2014 we ran our 3rd Mississauga Croatia summer school thanks to the good work done by Ivica Milkovic our House League summer school manager. When we first rolled out this program we were one of the first. In 2014 we had a lot more competition but Ivica and the team that worked with him still pulled off a solid summer school. In 2015 I am sure that we will improve on our 2014 result.

For those that are unaware, the house league program is partially paid for by our sponsors. This year we had a record number of sponsorships. This is thanks to the good work done by Harvey Tokic our Director of Fundraising and the 2014 Mississauga Croatia Executive. The sponsors were not just recognized in 2014 with the traditional logo on house league shirts and a plaque. In 2014 they got that and they also received a 2 new forms of recognition. All sponsors were also recognized on our website for the first time, We had a dedicated page for our sponsors and allowed people surfing our site to click and visit our sponsors sites. In addition we created a set of Mississauga Croatia flags  - to be used at tournaments to identify our teams - that also proudly listed our major sponsors. These flags are now available to our traveling teams going forward.

Since I mentioned our website - I most take a moment and recognize our Communications Director Josip Mesic. This is one of the toughest jobs in our club. Working on the website is a never ending assignment. In 2014 I can say with some pride that our website was more than  simply a posting board. It became a site that was updated regularly. It allowed our club to communicate directly with our members, post notices, post news of victories, post updates. Thank you to Josip.

Since I mention the website and Josip Mesic this is a great opportunity to now recognize and thank the members of the Mississauga Croatia technical sub-committee. In 2014 our executive created a new subcommittee to bring our club and our systems into the 21st century. Thanks to this subcommitteee we are now making use of the latest Microsoft product Office 365. We are now using this technology to have mississaugacroatia.com e-mail addresses, we are storing our information in this modern cloud based system and we are just starting to use this product to better organize the work of our Mississauga Croatia Executive. This work is not easy and its challenging. Full credit goes the members of this technical committee - they all deserve recognition.The members are this subcommittee are as follows - Jsdip Mesic  - Communications director - Anthony Toric - House League registrar - Dave Vrbanek one of our members at large - and Sami -Al -Azawi.

Since I mentioned our members at large - please allow me take a moment and recognize these very important members of our Mississauga Croatia Executive. This year we had 4 members at large - Dave Vrbanek, Sam Al Azawi, Joe Buntic and Dave Maljevac. This is a great way for people to join our executive and learn how our club operates and also to provide help. Each one of these gentlemen provided their work and their voices in helping our club in 2014. Dave Vrbanek has been an intelligent voice of reason for our executive, Joe Buntic is a highly respected soccer specialist. Sam Al Azawi has never missed a meeting and has been there to help at setting up our fundraiser and has been ready to help out throughout the year in our house league and our men's house league. Finally Dave Maljevac is one of these quiet gentlemen that every organization needs - he does not say much but he does much. When we needed someone to set up at the fundraiser  - he was there - when we needed someone to help with fields - he was there - when we needed someone to hep out with cleaning up nets - he was there. Thank you members at large

Since we have mentioned the Men's House League, this may be an appropriate time to share with everyone the success of this new program of Mississauga Croatia. 2014 was the first year of the Men's over 35 house league program. We had about 60 men join the league in 4 teams playing every Friday in the summer at 7 pm at the Father Kamber Park. Many of the members of the executive were played in the House League program. I speak as one of those players when I say that the highlights of my summer were the Friday games and the after-game socializing. the house league was fully registered under the OSA and it was referred by OSA refs. It was had a scgeudle, kept scores and stats and at the end ran a play-off and crowned a champion. All in all this was a great success. Two people deserve the credit for ensuring that this program was run properly and was a success. Joe Sostaric ( our Assistant Rep Registrar) and Dave Tonkovic ( Our House League Uniforms Manager). They were their to organize the teams, the schedules, order the uniforms, organize the refs, play the game, record the scores and finally order the trophies. Thank you gentlemen.

The next success that I would like to share with you was the 2014 Mississauga Croatia Men's team. In our second year of existence Tomislav Friscic and our head coach Tony Pletin deserve credit for helping field a strong team that showed energy and passion and a true team spirit on and off the field. The continue to grow and I am sure will show greater success each year. One success that I must share with you is that at this year's Croatian National Tournament for North America our men's team - beat New York Croatia 1 -0. This achievement is noteworthy for a number of reasons. Our team, unlike some teams at this tournament fielded a team without any "guest" players. We fielded our own boys - many of whom are former Mississauga Croatia rep team players that are now men. This victory is even more sweeter because it was against a top flight opponent and was our first victory at this prestigous tournament in over a decade. I am convinced that this was the first of many victories.

I mentioned our rep team program and this was a major source of pride for our club in 2014. For the first time in our history a rep team from Mississauga Croatia made it to the Ontario Cup finals. The pinnacle of club play in the province of Ontario is the Ontario Cup and our Boys 1999 U15 team made it to the finals this year. Our small club challenged the giants clubs in soccer and we came 2nd in the U15 tier 2 category. Our club name and our colours were on display on the provincial stage. Credit for this great achievement goes to our boys and their coach Hrvoje Kamba Kanisek, his wife Manager Carmen Kanisek and assistance coach Mario Knezevic. 

Mississauga Croatia's 3rd Annual Fundraiser Another Great Party!

On Friday February 7th 2014 the Mississauga Croatia Soccer Club held its 3rd Annual Fundraiser in the Croatian Church Hall on Mississauga Road.

The event was attended by over 100 people and saw the guests enjoy a night of good food, live music and a rich raffle table of swag.

The buffet style meal was cooked by Olga Pavlovic  and  Klaudija Rotim and saw a rich assortment of meats and potatoes. There were reports of even some salad on the buffet table!

The music was provided by two accordion players (that’s right... not one but two) that played Croatian music all night. The singing was provided by the guests.  The last songs were sung something after 1:00 am.

The Raffle table was full of many goodies. Special thanks to Moosehead for donating the most swag. By the way ...in case you were unaware....Moosehead is the official beer of Mississauga Croatia for 2014.

One of the highlights of the evening was the recognition of a number of persons and organizations that have helped our Mississauga Croatia over the years. They are as follows:

Joe Draganjac of the Accounting Firm Draganjac Pressman. Joe has been a great partner of the Club by overseeing our books for many years. Draganjac Pressman has also been a sponsor of the Mississauga Croatia children's houseleague program for years.

HR Graphics - Alex Lajtman, Brian Capin and Ivo Capin have always been ready to help our Club with any of our printing needs. They are also a faithful sponsor of the Mississauga Croatia children's houseleague program for years.

Ivanka and Jure Tonkovic - The Tonkovic family has been a supporter of Mississauga Croatia in many ways. Most notable is their donation of their time and effort to cooking at our last 2 Fundraisers. The Club is grateful for their contributions.

Zvonimir "Čoko" Filipic - A former President of Mississauga Croatia, a former Coach and the supplier of our uniforms for many years. He and his wife Lily helped carry our Club through challenging times in the 1990's and early 2000's. They were also instrumental in our club adapting the red and white checkered jersey which has become our signature image. 

Tony Halovanic - A Former Manager and Coach of Mississauga Croatia who was generous enough to allow our Club to rent a space from his Company CLL Metal Products thereby allowing our to have a Office and a Club house since 2008.

Mr. Mato Vranic of Infinitive Tools Inc - Mr. Vranic and his company have been  a loyal sponsor for over 10 years of our Mississauga Croatia children's houseleague program. His support is greatly appreciated and valued.

Anton Jelic - A former President of Mississauga Croatia and a former coach. Anton served on the Executive of Mississauga Croatia for many years. He was instrumental in introducing key policies and procedures into the Club that ensured that we are success to this day. He continues to be a well-respected friend and member of the Club. 

We hope see everyone at our 4th Annual Fundraiser next year!!!"

The Mississauga Croatia Men’s team finished off their indoor season at the Hershey Sportszone on Friday January 10th 2014

During the regular season our team finished with a record of 8-4-2 – good enough for 3rd place.

The team played a very exciting semi final game against the second place team FC Zahid. The game was a fast paced affair with plenty of fouls. Mississauga Croatia opened up the scoring with a left footed cannon shot from Rob Kramar. After FC Zahid tied the game Michael Sostaric blasted a goal to take the lead. The winning goal was scored by Ricardo Babic in the dyeing minutes. After pulling off the the  3 to 2 victory our team was ready for a Championship game against the first place FC Slavutich.

The final game was played in front of a packed Hershey Centre. Mississauga Croatia stunned the favoured FC Slavutch by opening up the scoring on a clever goal by Jure Mandic. The Mississauga Croatia strategy to play a strong defensive match and quickly counter attack created a highly entertaining game. Once Slavutch scored to tie the game, Jure Mandic once again found the net and gave the lead to Mississauga Croatia. Just prior the end of the game FC Slavutch tied the game sending it into overtime. The game was ultimately decided in a penalty shoot out with Mississauga Croatia losing the hard fought affair

Congratulations to our Mississauga Croatia indoor squad made of the following players

Tomislav Friscic, Jure Mandic, Michael Sostaric, Lika Leko, Davor Rosic, Artur Kulik, Ricardo Babic,Mark Malaty,  Jure Mandic, Rob Kramar, Kristan Skoko, Marko Ropar

Mississauga Croatia gets blessing from Father Reparinac on June 7 2013

U ime Mississauga Croatia - puno hvala sto ste vi nam blagoslovili nasu djecu, trenere i klub na petak 7-og lipnja.

Mi bi voljeli opet na godinu tako slicnu napraviti ako nam vi dozvolite.

Nadamo se vise djeca na godinu.

Opet puno vam hvala.

The Girls Under 16 Team Successfully Tours Croatia in Summer of 2010

On August 1st 2010, the Mississauga Croatia Girls U16 team did something that no other Croatian Canadian girl’s team had ever done before. For the first time, a team of Croatian Canadian girls traveled to Croatia to tour the country and play soccer against Croatian girl’s teams.

The Members of the team that traveled to Croatia were the following players

#2 – Nika Tomljenovic

#3 – Elena Pranjic

#4 – Marina Mogus

#5 – Adriana Hari

#6 – Martina Kolakovic

#7 – Maja Sabljak

#8 – Danka Miljak

#9 – Julia Beljo

#10 – Ana Tominac

#14 – Rose Tominac

#15 – Jasmina Pisacic

#16 – Vedrana Banjavcic

#17 – Kristina Mesic

# 21 -  Jelena Banjavcic

#23 – Victorija Peric

#25 – Martina Perkovic

The coaching staff included Mike Tominac, Zeljko Sablak and Mike Kolakovic. The team’s Manager was Mirjana Beljo. Together with our parents, brothers and sisters, the tour included 40 people.

The tour began with the team meeting on the morning of Sunday August 1st 2010 at our hotel in Zagreb – Hotel Dubrovnik. Located in the centre of the capital city, the girls and our entire contingent enjoyed one of the nicest hotels in Croatia. The first stop for the tour was to go to mass that morning to visit the former parish priest of Mississauga’s Croatian Martyrs’ Roman Catholic Church  - Father Ivica Kecerin. The entire team and our parents went to the beautiful church “Sveta Marija na Dolcu”. The next day the team played our first game against “ZNK Agram” at the NK Sava stadium in Zagreb. The game was well played and thanks to a wonderful goal by Jelena Banjavcic the game ended in a 1-1 tie. The friendly folks from ZNK Agram treated all of the Croatian Canadians to a wonderful lunch. Afterwards we toured the city of Zagreb.

On August 3rd 2010 we left Zagreb and travelled to Plitvice travelling through Karlovac and stopping at Turanj to see the Military museum from the war fought in the 1990’s. We also stopped in Rastoke in Slunj to do some site seeing. Arriving in Plitvice we spent all day touring the beautiful lakes and enjoyed a wonderful day. That night we stayed in Korenica at Hotel Macola. Another wonderful hotel with great food. Our stay in Korenica was marked by an interview from the website “SlobodnaLika.com” who took pictures and wrote a story about our tour.

The next day saw our team travel to Knin where we had the privilege of meeting the Mayor of Knin Josipa Rimac while we were touring the ancient Castle in Knin. Our hosts “Sport Za Sve Knin” made sure that we saw the crystal clear river Krcic and laid a wreath at the local cemetery. Finally we also had a chance to walk around downtown Knin and enjoy the sites. Our trip to Knin was marked by interviews by Radio Knin and the fact that our visit was recorded by TV Dalmacija. The game against “Sport Za Sve Knin” was an indoor 5 aside game that resulted in a 5 -1 loss. The lone goal for Mississauga Croatia was scored by Elena Pranjic. The MVP for Mississauga Croatia as selected by an impartial judge was Ana Tominac. That night we had a special dinner in our honour once again hosted by “Sport Za Sve Knin”.

The next day was August 5th 2010 and is a statutory holiday in Croatia. Our schedule saw us travel to Cavoglave to play in a game against our hosts “ZNK Split”. This game was arranged thanks to Coko and Lily Filipcic who ensured that our team could take part in the festivities in Cavoglave. That day, under a hot buring sun, our team played at 3:00 pm on a asphalt field and lost 3-1. Our lone goal was scored by Maja Sabljak. After the game the team and the parents were able to stay in Cavoglave and even watch the concert by Marko Perkovic Thompson along with approximately 60,000 people.

The next day was also a busy one as our team took the time to explore the city of Split, visit some beaches and generally enjoy themselves in a wonderful city. However, that did not mean we did not play soccer. That night at 7:00 pm we played our hosts again “ZNK Split” at the Dalmatinac stadium in Split. The game was a hotly contested affair and our team lost a close game 2-1. Julia Beljo scored a beautiful goal in the second half. That night we were guests of Matica Iseljenika at a wonderful dinner. The girls from our team and “ZNK Split” left dinner early to enjoy the city of Split without their parents.

Our friendship with the “ZNK Split” team was deepened the next day when our two teams travelled south to Rogoznica beach. There the girls spent all day enjoying one of the nicest beaches on the Adriatic. Our lunch was a special affair as our hosts ensured that we had a lunch cooked” ispod peka”. For those who have never tried this it was an absolutely unforgettable lunch. Our hosts gave us more gifts and made us feel at home. The friendship between “ZNK Split” and Mississauga Croatia was cemented when our team promised to donate a set of uniforms to our Croatian Hosts as a gesture of thanks for all that they had done for us.

On August 8th our tour turned northward again as our team travelled to Rijeka stopping in Sibenik and then Zadar along the way to enjoy the sites. Arriving in Rijeka we continued onwards to our hotel in Opatija “ Ceteri Cvijeta Opatijska”. The hotel was wonderful and the food was amazing. Walking the streets of Opatija was truly a memorable event and one that all Croatians should enjoy. The next day our team toured the wonderful city of Rijeka and was also able to visit the Trsat church and the old Frankopan castle. Finally on the last day of the tour we travelled to a suburb of Rijeka Grobnik to play the girls team in Rijeka known as “JackPot”. This was possibly the best game we played in Croatia and the action was truly memorable. While we lost 3-1 the quality of soccer was something we were proud of and our goal scorer Kristina Mesic came close to scoring more than one goal.

The tour ended with parents and children dispersing in all directions. Some stayed longer and others heading home to Canada.

By all accounts this tour was a special event in the lives of the girls and the parents. Our trip was marked by friendly and warm people throughout Croatia. It was a tour that went smoothly and had a great mix of culture, sport and history. More importantly it was great fun and we think we have broken the ice for more teams from Mississauga Croatia to travel to Croatia – especially Girls teams.

There are many people who need to be thanked for the success of this tour.

Mirjana Beljo , the teams manager helped organize the tour and the logistics.

Our fundraising was a success due to a great idea by Vesna Kolakovic to hold a New Years dance. That dance saw all of the parents of the girls band together and pull off a great event at the Croatian Centre in Norval.

Our own Mississauga Croatia Soccer Club helped the team by contributing to the trip as per the Clubs policies. For that we are all grateful.

Finally a special thanks is reserved for two organizations who helped Mississauga Croatia Girls Under 16 team organize this tour. Namely “Matica Iseljenika” in Croatia and “ZNK Split”. From “ Matica Iseljenika” special thanks is directed towards Branka Bezic Filipovic and Gordana Vojvodic . These two wonderful ladies helped ensure that our tour was scheduled properly from start to finish. From “ZNK Split” we especially thank their President Vinka Fabjanac along with two executives from the girls club Tonci Adoric and Ljubo Martic. They were wonderful hosts who also organized the soccer games against the other teams.

Mike Tominac

Mississauga Croatia  first Fundraiser in 2012 scores a great success!!!!!


On Friday January 27th 2012, Mississauga Croatia held its first fundraiser at the Croatian Martyrs church. The event attracted about 125 members and friends of the club who enjoyed a great buffet dinner and helped the club raise money to cover our operational expenses for 2012. The event was supported by a number of sponsors including the following:

-          Molson’s

-          Sharp Electronics

-          International Threadworks

-          S&L pastries

-          Mediterranean Meats

A special thanks for the meal is reserved to Gosp. Tonkovic who came in during the day and made sure that there were ample amounts of food for our guests. Also thanks to Joso at Mediterranean Meats who roasted the pig , lamb and chickens.  Before our dinner , the meal was blessed by Vlc. Josip Priselac  - one of the priests at the Croatian Martyrs  Roman Catholic Church.

After dinner there was ample time to socialize and listen to Tamburica music . To finish the night off we had a raffle or Tombola.

The tombola was quite special with some amazing gifts from our sponsors. The top prize was a great bar fridge donated by Molson’s that was won by Emil Mesic.

The Executive of Mississauga Croatia would like thank all of the people who attended the event or supported the event in any way. Our organization relies on the good will of our members, sponsors and supports without whom we could not exist. Thank you. Hvala. we hope to see everyone again at our next fundraiser.

Mississauga Croatia House League Trophy Day 2012

On Thursday August 23th 2012, Mississauga Croatia celebrated the end of a succesful house league season with our annual trophy day celebrations. On this day all house league teams arrived at Father Kamber park in Streetsville and were greeted with lots of pizza, juices and water for all of the players. Following the feast, our coaches distributed to each player their pictures and a trophy. Finally the Mississauga Croatia Executives for 2011/2012 awarded each of the house league coaches with a black and white Adidas track jacket.

At this years event we also drew the winning names for our club's raffle. This event was organized by the two individuals who worked tirelessly this year to make sure our house league was a success - namely Ivan Busija and Tony Pavelic. Feedback from the parents was very positive and was supportive of the idea to bring back Katie Bond as our club's Technical Director. On behalf of the Mississauga Croatia Executive for 2011 and 2012 we thank all of the parents for choosing to sign their children into our house league program and we look forward to their return next spring. Thank you / Hvala to everyone. 

2013 Mississauga Croatia House League Kickoff a big success

Tonight was the house league kickoff with many many parents and kids attending the Streetsville park to receive their jerseys and uniforms.

I wanted to take a moment and recognize the good work done by some individuals on our executive.

Anthony Toric worked hard on Saturday, Sunday and Monday - he helped move the nets, paint the nets, line the fields and put up new nets. No one worked harder than Anthony this weekend. Hvala Anthony.

Ivica Milkovic - Ivica helped organize the work this weekend, he helped move nets and sand them and then paint them. On Sunday he, his father and Anthony helped put up new mesh on the nets.

Josip Mesic - Josip spent hours on the lawn mower on Saturday making sure that the grass was cut and ready for the houseleague. He cut all the grass himself.

Dave Tonkovic - once again Dave spent hours on Saturday and Sunday lining the fields. Dave has done this for many years. Its a tough job and he does it very well.

Nick Draskovic - Nick spent his Saturday morning moving nets and then sanding and painting them.

Josip Jerkovic - Josip has a million things to do since he took over the park yet he still found time to help move nets and help the club get ready for house league. He also fed the people who helped on Saturday. Hvala Josip.

Finally a big "hvala" to our House League Executive - Ante Pavelic, Ivica Milkovic, Anthony Toric, Ivan Busija and Rick Baric - we have 240 kids in house league this year ( a new record number) and everything is organized and ready to go. Great job team!

Original Ad to Kick Off the O35  House League

Mississauga Croatia 1999 Boys Finish 1st in both the Hershey Sports U15 Indoor 6v6 League and the Hershey "Playoffs"

Earning two championship trophies for our Soccer Club.


The Mississauga Croatia 1999 Boys led by coach Hrvoje Kanisek and Carmen Kanisek proudly represented our club by finishing in first place in the Hershey Sports U15 6v6 Indoor league.

The team finished first with 46 points - 7 points ahead of the nearest team

More impressive was the fact that this team scored 81 goals in a 18 game schedule and only allowed 14 goals against.

The +67 Goal differential was a full 29 goals ahead of the second place team.

The Mississauga Croatia 1999 Boys have developed into a highly entertaining and powerful soccer team.

Their fluid and free-wheeling attack has caused headaches for their competition and their goalies and defense have proven almost impenetrable.

In the QUARTER FINALS Mississauga Croatia 1999 Boys beat  OKD Soccer Club:

SCORERS:    Janko Delisimunovic, Nicholas Cachia, Luka Drlje, Mohammed Hafezi


SEMI FINALS Mississauga Croatia 1999 Boys beat Guelph Royals Blue :

SCORERS:    Paul Girgis, Nicholas Cachia, Luka Drlje, Mohammed Hafezi


FINALS Mississauga Croatia 1999 Boys beat Caledon Bulldogs:

SCORERS:    Mohammed Hafezi scored with game Ending  1-1

Shootouts  =  Mohammed  Hafezi, Luka Drlje, Martin Pejic, Toni Zlomislic  Game Ending 4-3

Congratulations to Coach Hrvoje Kanisek and all of the boys

The members of the team who played this indoor season are :

CACHIA Nicholas,

ĆORIĆ Matthew,






HAFEZI Mohammed,



KOŽELJ Nikola, 


PEJIĆ Martin,



Mississauga Croatia Boys U15 finish second in Ontario Cup

In the history of our club, we have had some tremendous teams that achieved great results. However our club has never had a team make it to the finals of the Ontario Cup until the Mississauga Croatia 1999 Boys team until now.

Today on September 13 2014, on a cloudy and cool day, at the Oshawa Civic Stadium in front of over 100 Mississauga Croatia fans for the first time ever the Mississauga Croatia Boys 1999 took the field to play in the finals against the Weston Wolves.

While our Boys did not end up winning, they played a splendid game and made all of the Mississauga Croatia supporters proud. Congratulations to the Westin Wolves who won 4-1.

Finishing second in the Ontario Cup is an amazing achievement and an occasion to celebrate for everyone who is or has been associated with Mississauga Croatia.

Join me in celebrating an awesome result for the Mississauga Croatia 1999 Boys and for the entire Mississauga Croatia Soccer Club.

This team truly  deserves to be remembered in the history of our club as of our most successful teams ever.

Congratulations to all of the following :

#1  Luka Knezovic

#3  Daniel Merean

#4  Toni Zlomislic

#5  Janko Delisimunovic

#8  Daniel Kanisek

#10  Marko Mandekic

#11  Nico Tallarico

#12  Nicholas Cachia

#15  Aaron Woodward

#17  Bola Paul Girgis

#19  Luka Drlje

#21  Lucas Marcelic

#22  Mohammed Hafezi

#25  Carter Bowie

#27  Faisai Jameel

#28  David Corona

#29  Ryan Hardy

#30  Ryan McGovern

Coach  - Hrvoje Kanisek

Assistant Coach - Mario Knezovic

Manager - Carmen Kanisek

Thank you to all of the players, coaches, parents and families who make up the Mississauga Croatia 1999 Boys team.

I wish you greater success in the years to come.

Hope to see all of you at the Ontario Cup finals again in 2015!!!!

The Executive of Mississauga Croatia


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