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Mississauga Croatia Men’s Over 35 House League Wraps up 3rd season

Mississauga Croatia Men’s Over 35 House League Wraps up 3rd season

Team Kupa wins Playoff Champions ...Again...Team Cetina Wins Regular Season Championship...again

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On Friday August 26th the two (2) best teams in the Mississauga Croatia Over 35 Housel League clashed in the Championship Game.

Team Kupa  faced off with Team Cetina.

Both teams have already achieved success in the prior years.

Team Kupa was the regular season champion in 2014 and playoff champion in 2014 and 2015.

Team Cetina was the regular season champion in 2015 and 2016.

The game was a tight affair with the teams heading into overtime where Team Kupa won 2-1.

Congratulations to Team Kupa led by Captain Mike Jezerinac. The members of Team Kupa are  Nick Draskovic – Emil Mesic  - Tony Simic -  Maurice Marnika – Anton Jelic – Pero Mlinarevic - Frank Ljubanovich - Dennis Koren - Mark Visic - Steve Zganjer - Johnny Biondich - Alan Nemaric - Ante Ljubicic - Zvono Ljubanovic - Darko Perkovic -

Congraulations to Team Cetina led by Captain Mario Mandaric and the rest of the team were Allen Leko - Robert Specic - Nick Tomac - Frank Augustin - Davor Medunic - Ivan Mandaric - Allan Schultz - Asen Shkumbov - Tom Radmoan - Stipe Madic  - Robert Badurina -

The winner of the Unsung Hero award for 2016 was Rick Baric of Team Pltivica

The winner of the Golden Boot for most goals was Johnny Marasovic of Team Krka. He led the league with 11 goals.

Special Thanks to Jadranko Butkovic for organizing this years Men's Over 35 House League.

Special Thanks to the Refs who came out each Friday to ref.

Also special thanks to Frank Ljubanovich who donated soccer balls to this year's House League.

We look forward  to everyone's return next year.

If you are interested to play in the Mississauga Croatia Men's O35 Houseleague next year please contact Jadranko.Butkovic@mississaugacroatia.com

Mississauga Croatia  Men's Over 35 Houseleague Final Standings for 2016 season

Cetina (Forest) 8 2 1 26 31 11
Krka (White) 5 5 1 20 29 19
Kupa (Red) 6 1 4 19 23 22
Kupčina (Orange) 4 2 5 14 25 28
Sava (Yellow) 3 0 8 9 12 21
Plitvice (Argentina Blue) 2 0 9 6 13 31

Top Scorers in 2016
Goal Scorers Team Goals
Johnny Marasovic Krka (White) 11
Stipe Mandic Cetina (Forest) 9
Mario Mandaric Cetina (Forest) 8
Allan Schultz Cetina (Forest) 5
Mark Visic Kupa (Red) 5
Marijan Pejic Sava (Yellow) 5
Tony Marincic Kupčina (Orange) 4
Jure Ropar Kupčina (Orange) 4
Bernie Spinotti Kupčina (Orange) 4
Ivan Juricic Krka (White) 3
Ivica Milkovic Krka (White) 3
Jerry Mijaljevic Krka (White) 3
Rick Baric Plitvice (Argentina Blue) 3
Rob Menalo Kupčina (Orange) 3
Tony Strkalj Krka (White) 3
Steve Zganjer Kupa (Red) 3
Emil Mesic Kupa (Red) 3
Dennis Koren Kupa (Red) 3
Michael Jezerinac Kupa (Red) 3
Asen Shkumbov Cetina (Forest) 2
Dean Smiciklas Kupčina (Orange) 2
Johnny Zubac Plitvice (Argentina Blue) 2
Leo Hanzek Sava (Yellow) 2
Robert Badurina Cetina (Forest) 2
Ron Vukovic Kupčina (Orange) 2
Predrag Ereiz Kupčina (Orange) 2
Robert Specic Cetina (Forest) 2
Ivan Mandaric Cetina (Forest) 2
Frank Kukolic Plitvice (Argentina Blue) 2
Pero Mlinarevic Kupa (Red) 2
Mile Ivancic Krka (White) 2
Adriel Brajkovic Plitvice (Argentina Blue) 1
Allen Leko Cetina (Forest) 1
Anton Jelic Kupa (Red) 1
Dario Belavic Sava (Yellow) 1
Eddie Kontrec Plitvice (Argentina Blue) 1
Frank Valicek Plitvice (Argentina Blue) 1
Hrvoje Tokic Krka (White) 1
Joe Sprajc Plitvice (Argentina Blue) 1
John Mikan Sava (Yellow) 1
Leo Marasovic Krka (White) 1
Nick Draskovic Kupa (Red) 1
Robert Kanceljak Kupčina (Orange) 1
Robert Zovic Kupčina (Orange) 1
Tom Kotarac Kupčina (Orange) 1
Tihomir Rados Sava (Yellow) 1
Joe Sostaric Sava (Yellow) 1
Frank Ljubanovic Kupa (Red) 1
Zvonko Ljubanovic Kupa (Red) 1
Jad Butkovic Kupčina (Orange) 1
Walter Grabovac Plitvice (Argentina Blue) 1
Richard Lozina Plitvice (Argentina Blue) 1
Hrvoje Tokic Krka (White) 1
Zdenko Vrcic Krka (White) 1
John Saric Sava (Yellow) 1

The members of the teams were as follows:

Team Kupcina ( Orange)
Brdar   Dany
Smiciklas   John
Kanceljak   Robert
Hari   Andrei
Ropar   Jure
Kotarac   Tom
Maljevac   Dave
Smiciklas   Dean
Butkovic   Jadranko
Maricnic   Tony
Ereiz   Predrag
Menalo   Robert
Spinotti   Bernie
Zovic   Robert
Vukovic   Ron

Team Sava - Yellow
Mijaljevic   Zeljko
Markac   John
Rados   Tihomir
Pejic   Marijan
Klobucar   Mario
Ivankovic   Robert
Klobucar   Darko
Mikan   John
Belavic   Dario
Kolakovic   Mike
Tominac   Mike
Storino   Carmine
Hazek   Leo
Salumun   Damir
Saric   John
Sostaric   Joe

Team Krka -White
Bisko   Zeljko
Juricic   Ivan
Strkalj   Tony
Tokic   Hrvoje
Ivancic   Mile
Krasic   Renato
Pavela   Tiho
Milkovic   Ivica
Veceta   Tvrtko
Vrcic   Zdenko
Marasovic   Leo
Marasovic   Johnny
Drobac   Davor
Mijaljevic   Jerry

Team Plitvica = Light Blue
Depikolozvane   Mladen
Brajkovic   Adriel
Viduka   Ante
Valicek   Frank
Golac   Ivan
Bukovcan   John
Zubac   Johnny
Baric    Rick
Grabovac   Walter
Lozina   Richard
Sprajc   Joe
Kontrec   Eddie
Al-Azawi   Sami
Kukolic   Frank
Viduka   Zeljko

Team Kupa  - Red Team
Ljubanovic   Frank
Ljubanovic   Zvonko
Perkovic   Darko
Jezerinac   Michael
Zganjer   Steve
Visic   Mark
Mlinarevic   Pero
Ljubicic   Ante
Mesic   Emil
Simic   Tony
Draskovic   Nick
Nemaric   Alan
Jelic   Anton
Marnika   Maurice
Koren   Dennis

Team Cetina - Green Team
Leko   Allen
Specic   Robert
Tomac   Nick
Augustin   Frank
Medunic   Davor
Mandaric   Ivan
Schultz   Allan
Mandaric   Mario
Shkumbov   Asen
Radman   Tom
Mandic   Stipe
Badurina   Robert

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